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Start of new Labs


starting from todays posts, i will publish anything new in english. Thats due to the fact I think even most professional it experts from Germany are mostly reading, learning and looking up on official sites and forums, which are today all in english.

Please apologize any bad or childish grammer use and misspelling. I normally do not rewrite my articles or check them on tenses.

My new start comes from the need to practice a lot of things again. On the one hand because everyone needs constant repetition. Especially if you are always learning new stuff via different sources and about different topics and vendors, you need to review some of the key topics and configuration guides and commands, technical implementation design, patches, updates, etc. You have to keep up with the current state and knowledge and implementations and in security you also need to be up to date with bugs and vulnerabilities, at minimum with the servers and application implementations your company uses!

So i get to the second reason, which is a new position i start in August 2017. This position will need and elicit all my knowledge, experience on security, routing/switching and WLAN. For this i am doing a lot of repetition on Routing/Switching, mainly on routing protocols and IOS security, which i will try to share with you of course. Besides IT security is STILL constantly changing and developing new contents around every corner. Its a lot of work and self-sacrifice needed, to keep up with that every day. My deepest respect goes to a colleague there from whom i know really manages this part in his career very well.

A conclusion which gets every more important today: always use your contacts and provided available knowledge resources extensively!

IT may, to some extend still be a area where well-founded and trained knowledge prevails!

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