May the 4th 2022 was with me – and provided me with my CCIE Security.

As this journey wasn’t easy at all and I think all of the last 6 years came into play and importance about passing that it also sets the beginning for a new openminded era.

Esspecially in Cyber and IT Security in generell you never know what the next public key topic could be.

There are a lot of them, just to name SOAR, SASE and Zero Trust, micro/macro-workload-segmentation, kind of next-stage-vulnerability-visibility-tools, and all of it with deployment automation and automation in changes to business needs.

Most of the topics some companies might not touch still the next 5 years. But getting along with them is the first step so that even more sophisticated ideas can be developed by the smartest and spread by the community. So lets face them.